The Apple Watch launch day is finally upon us. Sure, we've already seen the Apple Watch announcement, but this could be the day when details are revealed and everyone can, finally, get it round their wrists.

But before splashing the cash it's probably a good idea to see what Tim Cook and the gang have got to say about it. The "Spring forward" launch event invites have gone out and you can expect it to kick-off at 5pm GMT (10am PDT).

As usual Apple will be streaming the event solely from its servers. That means if you want to watch it live you'll need to have Safari browser installed of version 5.1.10 or newer running on OS X 10.6.8 or later or via Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. Apple TV is also an option for streaming but it'll need to be second or third generation with OS 6.2 or newer.

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To watch the live steam you'll need to go to and hope that the stream doesn't cripple under the weight of viewers. These usually work in a queue system so the earlier you get on the better your chances of catching it all live.

For written coverage with our analytical view, comparisons and features check back with us throughout and after it's all done. Expect our in-depth review to follow when we've spent some time with the Watch. For now why not check out what we know so far in the below link.

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