(Pocket-lint) - For many Apple iPhone users the coming Apple Watch probably feels like it's been just out of reach for a while. If that wait, or the thought of how much the Watch will cost, is too much there is hope in Android Wear.

Developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, who's created the jailbreak DoubleTapToSleep, has now mastered a way for Android Wear devices to receive Apple iPhone notifications.

Before rushing out to buy an Android Wear device be warned, this is currently a closed development not available for download.

The as-yet unnamed development doesn't require a hack or jailbreak – in fact the iOS side of things remains untouched. All that was needed was an APK installation on the Android Wear device. This works in a similar way to the Pebble smartwatch, which is open to both Android and iOS. But this also means, like the Pebble, the Android Wear device simply displays notifications to be read without two-way communication back to the phone.

The earlier stage of this development required an Android Phone in the translation process, making this a big jump forward. Since Pebble can now be used two-way, with an iPhone jailbreak, it's fair to imagine this may soon be possible for Android Wear.

At the moment this APK is not available to the public. If it does become available it will have to compete with the Apple Watch. But it would be nice to have the choice.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.