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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch will arrive to the excitement of many except, it seems, Apple. According to The Wall Street Journal Apple planned to make a watch with far more health sensors but failed to create it in time.

According to the WSJ report Apple wanted to create the Watch with sensors that could detect blood pressure and stress levels. However after four years of throwing money at the problem it wouldn't go away and the company had to settle for the current iteration that measures heart rate.

The sensors were not meeting Apple's strict standards. For example a variation in arm hair or watch tightness put the readings off, which wasn't acceptable to Apple.

Originally, according to the report, Apple was going to sell the Watch as a health companion. Once it realised the sensors couldn't allow it to do this the reason for the watch was lost and focus was simply aligned on an April release.

So while these health features were cut from the first generation model it's likely, says the report, that they could still appear in a later model. The first iPhone didn't even have 3G so it's a very real possibility we may see a super sensor-stacked Apple Watch in the near future.

Nike recently updated its FuelBand app to use data collected from the iPhone co-processor sensor, rather than the band itself. Perhaps this is coincidence or it could be well timed as it makes way for the Apple Watch to have another use as a step counter.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 17 February 2015.