The Apple Watch launch has come and gone. If you're still debating buying one you probably want to know what you get from the Watch.

Unlike Google's Android Wear found on smartwatches from Motorola, LG, Asus and others, Apple and third-party developers have had since September to perfect not only the core operating system, but also the apps that will run on it, before it becomes available to customers.

The hardware is almost secondary: we've already seen it in many guises and more than once. It's the Apple Watch experience that counts. That's all the functions and importantly, all the apps that have been in development.

We've listed the different applications that are an absolute must for Watch to succeed in a rapidly expanding sector of gadgetry. We've split them into the Apple apps that will come pre-installed and third-party software.

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Apple-created Apple Watch apps confirmed and expected on day one


It's a watch after all. The company has confirmed a number of watch faces for owners to chose from. Designs showcased so far range from serious to whimsical. It includes a classic Mickey Mouse watch face.

Stopwatch/timer/world clock/alarm

Another obvious one, but Apple has also confirmed the watch can not only tell the time but give you all the usual features of a $2 digital watch. That naturally includes a stopwatch, timer, alarm and world clock features for when you need to know the time elsewhere.


An Apple maps app lets you see where you are going without having to look at your phone. Although the Apple Watch doesn't have GPS built-in, it can connect to your iPhone and use its tech to guide you from A to B.


Message alerts and iMessage support are both included and Apple showed off how these work when the Apple Watch launched in April. You'll be able to dictate voice messages via Siri, or tap preset response options based on the context of the message you've received.


You can look at pictures (albeit very small) on your wrist. Expect to do lots of squinting.

Passbook and Apple Pay

Access tickets, vouchers, store cards and then tap to pay via Passbook. No more rummaging for your phone or your wallet, just a case of dumping your wrist on the counter instead.

Apple Remote

Got an Apple TV? Now you've got a remote for it on your wrist all the time. That's going to be handy for sofa channel hopping. Or more likely, looking flash during presentations in the office.


Email notifications directly to your wrist are a mainstay for smartwatches, although given how mind numbing this can be on a Pebble or Android Wear watch if you get lots of emails.


Control your iTunes tracks from your arm, of course.


Is it raining? To save you looking out the window you'll be able to get a pretty update on your arm instead.


You've got 10 minutes to get to your next meeting. Who needs a PA nagging you, your wrist will do that in the future.

Remote Camera

Set your iPhone up on ledge and then control it from your Watch. You just have to hope nobody pinches it while you're standing five feet away getting that perfect selfie.


Your phone is vibrating in your pocket, who could be calling? A quick glance will tell you if it is important and allow you to take or decline the call as you see fit.


You'll never not be able to quickly find out how much your Apple stock is worth.

Activity and Workout

One of the big sells of the Apple Watch is going to be about being active and Apple has included an activity and workout app as standard to get the ball rolling. Pairing with iHeath on your iPhone, the activity and workout apps will monitor all your daily exercise and give you an idea of how you are doing via a series of rings that you have to complete in a circle.


Think "favourites" in your contact book. This will be a quick list of people you want to send a message to, make a call or to do other things like "digitally touch" them.

Digital Touch

If you and your loved one both have Apple Watches you can send vibrations and drawings to each other by sketching on the screen. You can even send your heartbeat. How romantic.


Press the digital crown long enough and Apple's Personal Assistant is there to help answer your questions.

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Third-party Apple Watch apps confirmed and expected on day one

Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping is available on the Apple Watch for voice search of items and 1-Click payments and save to wishlist options right there on your wrist.

American Airlines

The American Airlines app will let you know how much time until your flight starts boarding and then let you check in at the gate without touching your phone. During your flight you'll be able to see how long is left too.

BMW i Remote

If you're a BMW owner keen to know how much charge you've got left in your i3 or i8, then this is the app to tell you. Forgot to lock the doors? Want to pre-heat the cabin on a frosty morning? This is the app for you.


Lost? Need transit times? CityMapper is one of the navigation apps that will serve up directions on the fly so you don't have to look like a tourist holding your phone out in front of you. It will list arrival times for transit, as well as reminding you when you've reached your stop.


Have the news break on your wrist. The CNN app will do just that, with the option to personalise content so you see what's important to you. If you spot something you really want to read, you can choose to open it on your iPhone.


You must have that original boxed Darth Vadar. Now you'll know when you've been outbid so you can instantly react and keep up the good fight against the tyranny of other buyers.


The universal note taking app is omnipresent, so of course it's coming to Apple Watch. You can dictate notes, set reminders, and see meeting content, as well as viewing recent notes.


Keep track of your bookings with this Watch app. You'll be able to get your flight details and changes, or find your hotel and remind yourself of the check in times.

Green Kitchen

Let's face it. Cooking with your iPhone or iPad precariously balanced next to the chopping board is a pain. This app buts recipes on your wrist. You can even start timers on the Watch so you'll know when your quinoa is ready.

Honeywell Lyric

Heating, lights and security all managed by your wrist is a natural fit. Why yes, I would like the lights down low and the heating turned up.

Hub by Premier Inn

This high tech hotel can be controlled right from your wrist. Change lighting, temperature, room settings and even control the smart TV right from your Apple Watch. Premier Inn says this isa  world first.


Apple's design team has already expressed how it loves viewing images on the Apple Watch, and its rich colour screen is likely to sit pretty with Instagram's filtered curation. You can even leave comments.

Just Eat

The Just Eat app for Apple Watch allows you to check the status of you take away food order, including expected delivery time, at a glance.

Lutron Caséta

Home automation all from your wrist. Need to turn your lights on with a tap of the wrist? No problem. Pebble owners are already comfortably doing that with other services like Philips Hue. At Bat

One for the Americans. Baseball scores to your wrist. Never again will you wonder whether the bases are loaded at the bottom of the seventh. You'll simply know.

Nike+ Running

Nike has ditched its own wearable FuelBand devices in favour of software and Apple has already demonstrated how Nike+ Running will be implemented on the Apple Watch. Nike has confirmed that users of the Nike+ Apple Watch app will be able to challenge friends as well as track the usual array of statistics from their runs.


You have a dinner reservation, but you can't remember where. Fortunately, the Apple Watch app will show you where you've booked and how to get there. 


One of the most popular apps for runners, now you won't need to awkwardly tie yourself in a knot trying to read your iPhone strapped to your bicep. Speed, distance, pace and other information will be right there on your wrist.


Stargazer or just curious about the night sky? This app will let you know when to look to the heavens to catch that astronomical event. It will even tell you when ISS is passing, so you can tweet the astronauts.


What's that tune? The Shazam Apple Watch app will let you quickly tap your watch to find out. Much quicker than scrabbling for your phone in your bag or your pocket to press the listen button, just too late.

SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest)

The days of not being able to find your key card or getting to your room door only to find out that your credit cards have wiped your door key are likely to be over. Starwood Hotels, which also owns W Hotels, has created an Apple Watch app that allows you to unlock your hotel room door by waving your Watch in front of it.


One of the most popular sports apps, Strava will be a bit hit with cyclists. You get real time stats, your heart rate, as well as trophies when you set a new record.


The world's largest ticket marketplace is now on your wrist. The Apple Watch app let you find events nearby and navigate to them using Apple Maps while Glance allows for a countdown until the next gig you've got tickets for. Then entry can be achieved by using a QR code right there on the Watch screen.


Want a shopping list on your wrist when heading to Target? This app does just that, as well as guiding you to the right aisle.


Trainline works right on your wrist for quick access to live train times, platform details and even maps to the nearest station.


Guiding you to tourist attractions, sites and restaurants, the TripAdvisor app will be on your Apple Watch when you go on your travels. No more waving around your phone in a strange town.


While we can see that scrolling through an endless flow of Tweets will be dull and difficult on a small screen on your wrist, getting DMs or following how many retweets you get could be helpful and will mean you won't have to keep looking at your phone.

More Apple Watch apps to come

But that's not all. Although Apple has gone public on some apps already, there's a range of apps that have been teased, or appeared in presentations. Here's some of the extra apps we're expecting to see at launch or soon after.

Yahoo News Digest

The app already condenses news down into bite-sized chunks for people to get snippets of news on the go. It makes sense therefore to provide those snippets of news on the go via Apple Watch.

AT&T Digital Life

Another home security automation service that you'll control from your wrist via an Apple Watch app.


The digital scrapbook app is said to remind you when you're near a "pinned" site so you can discover it again. It should also give you walking directions to the site. Apple has also just inked a deal that lets Pinterest users pin apps and their install links in the App Store on the iPhone and iPad. Could this work on the Watch across other features?


Facebook is everywhere. Expect messages, instant check-ins as well as status updates on your wrist.