Swatch plans to launch a smartwatch in three months that'll directly rival Apple Watch.

According to Bloomberg, which spoke with Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch, the smartwatch is described as a colourful plastic timepiece that will work with Windows and Android software. It will also support mobile payments and near-field communication, and it somehow won’t ever have to be charged in order to communicate.

You can expect Swatch's wearable device to debut in April, which is around the same time Apple Watch should release. Hayek is reportedly ready to go "head-to-head" with Apple and believes Swatch's decades of technology experience, such as its thin and bendable long-lasting batteries, will give his company an edge over Apple.

Swatch's Tissot brand has been making traditional watches with touchscreens since 1999, for instance, and those watches now come with an altimeter, compass, and various other sensors. Keep in mind however that Hayek notably claimed two years ago that smartwatches wouldn't become a revolution in the watch industry.

Among Hayek's past criticisms, he declared that watch screens are too small and require too much charging. He also confirmed once that Swatch doesn't plan to develop a smartwatch due to consumer resistance and that luxury watches - like Swatch's Blancpain brand - are true smartwatches because they make you "look smart".

Hayek has apparently backpedaled though, as Swatch is just a couple months away from entering the wearable space. The company's offering is supposed to be a compelling alternative to Apple Watch, but at this point, it doesn't seem to offer any health-tracking features, which is something Apple Watch is built around.

Swatch is however in talks with unnamed retailers about its own payment system, so in other words, it looks like Swatch's smartwach will have a focus on being able to spend money rather than tracking health.