(Pocket-lint) - US jeweller Mervis Diamond Importers has jumped the gun when it comes to the Apple Watch by pledging to sell a diamond-encrusted version after the official release for more than $30,000 (around £19,000).

The Diamond iWatch "Watch edition", which the company revealed in more-than-likely Photoshopped form on its Facebook page, will come in 18 karat rose gold with eight rows of diamonds totalling 15.14 carats. They are graded E/F in colour and VS1/VS2 in clarity, which are the highest in quality available.

Mervis Diamond will also offer a white gold or platinum version as well, with pre-orders expected to ship from June next year. It is currently not know when the actual Apple Watch will hit the streets, but rumours have it at March at the very least.

We suspect Mervid Diamond Importers will not be the only specialist offering a bespoke, customised version of the Apple Watch in 2015. Goldgenie is known to gold-plate Apple devices, even bicycles, for its customers, which include film star Jamie Foxx and ex-footballer David Beckham.

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Apple itself will have a more exclusive premium version of the device available alongside conventional and Sport editions. It is not know how much it will cost but the Watch Edition device will come with an 18 karat gold casing.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.