Apple has launched WatchKit.

Most of you probably don't care about this piece of software, but you should: it gives developers the necessary tools to create experiences for Apple Watch (that fancy new wrist-worn gadget Apple plans to release next year).

Apple wants to make sure there are a tonne of things available to you from the moment you power on Apple Watch, but in order to achieve that goal, it needed to launch WatchKit for app developers.

attention app developers you can now make stuff for apple watch image 2

What can developers create with WatchKit?

Developers can use WatchKit to create "innovative WatchKit apps, actionable notifications and Glances, for timely information accessible by an easy, quick look at Apple Watch", according to Apple.

They could make app notifications that allow users to take action or respond, such as rerouting their transit when a train is late, for instance, or they could incorporate Glances to quickly show users information like sports scores.

Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, explained in a press release that WatchKit provides the "iOS developer community with the tools they need to create exciting new experiences right on your wrist".

What can't developers create with WatchKit?

Developers won't be able to make fully native apps for Apple Watch until "later next year".

When will WatchKit be available?

Developers can immediately use WatchKit with the iOS 8.2 beta SDK to create new experiences for Apple Watch. Both WatchKit and the iOS 8.2 SDK beta are available to iOS Developer Program members at the following website:

The WatchKit developer site includes programming guides, human interface guidelines, and templates.