Apple Watch is expected to launch in early 2015, though a more exact timeframe of "spring 2015" has just been leaked.

Tech website 9to5Mac has posted a transcript of an internal video message that featured Angela Ahrendts, the retail chief at Apple. According to the transcript, which is just an excerpt from a longer internal video, Ahrendts told retail employees that Apple Watch will launch sometime after Chinese New Year on 19 February 2015.

9to5macapple watch to launch next spring says retail head in leak image 2

When Apple unveiled Apple Watch in September, it teased a vague release date of "early next year" as well as a starting price of US $349. The company hasn't elaborated at all since, but today's leak from Ahrendts, who joined Apple in October 2013 as the senior vice president of retail and online stores, could be a legit clue.

Although there's still no word yet on pricing for all Apple Watch models, you can probably expect more news - and maybe even leaks - to emerge as spring gets closers.