Apple is about to kick off its yearly September announcement event in San Francisco where the iPhone 6 is expected to launch. This year should be special though as Apple is also expected to launch its first wearable with the iWatch.

This year not only has Apple invited the usual tech specialists, including Pocket-lint, but also representatives from the fashion industry. While this could mean it wants to widen its phone appeal it's far more likely it's getting ready to step into fashion with its new wearable iWatch.

Apple recently employed Patrick Pruniaux, who works as Tag Heuer's vice president of global sales and retail. It has also got Angela Ahrendts, former chief executive of Burberry, working on this project. Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH which owns TAG Heuer, Hublot and Zenith told CNBC that his "sales director took a contract from Apple to launch the iWatch".

Rumour has it that Apple wants to launch the iWatch with "Swiss made" on the device to enhance it's portrayed value. Until now Apple has struggled to poach a number of high-end Swiss watch makers, according to analysts.

According to 9to5mac a number of developers have been sent the iWatch SDK already to develop software. The watch itself, it seems, has not yet leaked at all leaving a small doubt in everyone's minds about its appearance.

iOS 8 should be released with the iPhone 6 tonight. Apple announced its HealthKit software will play a big role in iOS 8, so having biosensors on a wrist worn device makes a lot of sense. The iWatch and iOS 8 seem perfectly matched for exactly that.

Apple also announced HomeKit and is rumoured to be improving Siri – both allowing for control of the home using voice alone, which will be perfect via the iWatch.

So while all the evidence points towards an iWatch reveal in a few hours there's still a small element of doubt. But with Google steaming ahead with Android Wear it would be a big mistake for Apple not to launch the iWatch.

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