Apple will supposedly unveil the iWatch on 9 September. But the most recent report has claimed it won't ship until 2015.

According to tech website Recode, which cited unnamed sources in the position to know, Apple's upcoming "wearable device" (note that it didn't specify iWatch) isn't shipping anytime soon. In fact, the iWatch likely won't even be available for the holiday season. It's expected to launch in early 2015 instead, similar to how the first iPhone launched six months after debuting. Recode therefore warned people not to expect immediate preordering.

Apple's fabled iWatch should make a grand appearance alongside two larger iPhones early next month in Cupertino at the Flint Center. Widely-reported features could include a 2.5-inch rectangular display, as much as 10 sensors, and a hard-as-nails sapphire screen. When and if it does unveil, Apple might also show the device's rumoured integration with HealthKit and HomeKit in iOS 8.

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The iWatch is one of Apple's most anticipated gadgets to date, so it would be a shame to wake up Christmas morning and not find the timepiece under our Christmas trees or in our stockings this year. But, hey, there's always Valentine's Day. Better start smooth-talking your partner now.

(The image above is a concept.)