(Pocket-lint) - Apple's rumoured iWatch will debut alongside two new iPhones on 9 September, it's claimed.

It's been widely reported that the iWatch will show up at Apple's next event. But now Recode, which has an impeccable track record when it comes to Apple rumours, has declared that Apple definitely plans to unveil a new wearable device, and soon. The wearable - likely the iWatch - will take center stage next month, when Apple is also expected to show off two next-generation iPhones.

Recode previously claimed Apple wanted to introduce a new wearable in October, but the company has apparently moved the unveil date ahead. An October event might still be in the works however. Keep in mind Apple teased earlier this year that its autumn product pipeline will be the best in 25 years, so it could conceivably have enough new hardware to fill two events.

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Going back to the iWatch, Recode claimed Apple's upcoming wearable will be deeply integrated with HealthKit in iOS 8. It might even make use of some home automation capabilities through HomeKit, another new feature coming with iOS 8. None of this is shocking or new information of course, but it's beginning to seem like we really will see Apple's first wearable in two weeks.

The real question is: after years of speculation and rumours, will the iWatch match all the hype?

(The image above is a concept of the iWatch).

Writing by Elyse Betters.