Apple's iWatch is eagerly anticipated for a September unveiling. But since it’s all rumour for now, one designer has taken matters into his own hands, allowing anyone to 3D print an iWatch, of sorts.

University of Edinburgh design graduate Stewart Davies, has designed a 3D printable wrist strap that turns the sixth generation iPod Nano into a wrist watch. This isn't the first time the iPod has been used as a watch, but it is the first time it's available to 3D print for anyone.

The 3D printed iWatch uses a flexible thermoplastic filament called Ninjaflex that is strong yet able to bend to the contours of your wrist for comfort. The wrist band takes just over an hour to print out meaning you could churn out multiple colours to suit what you're wearing. And if it breaks? Just print another.

Stewart Davies has the CAD file for the device on myminifactory available now to download for free. Or if you don't own a 3D printer Stewart will print one for you for £10. Or you could try using a third-party 3D printer company if you'd prefer.

This, obviously, won't be a as cool as the iWatch itself which is expected to come with myriad sensors and will allow you to voice control your home. But this free watch, for those that own a Nano, will work to tell the time, act as a music player and plenty more.

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