Apple's iWatch has never been more talked about as the rumour mill gets up to speed ahead of its expected reveal this September.

Apple is rumoured to be unveiling its new larger iPhone 6 this September alongside a second larger iPhone Air. But it won't stop there with a trinity of gadgets expected including the iWatch.

So far we've only seen renders or concepts based on rumours with no real iWatch photos leaking. But, since it's a new product category, Apple is probably keeping a very tightly lipped team in the know.

Pictures have ranged from iPod like designs to Moto 360 styled round-faced units. Jony Ive is a big fan of classic watch design so we're inclined to lean towards the round face. But other rumours suggest there may even be two iWatches, perhaps one will be a budget version or even a different shape – like Android Wear offers.

One consistent rumour about Apple's iWatch is that it will be laiden with sensors for health and fitness. After announced HealthKit and HomeKit Apple is in the ideal position to create an iWatch which controls the home and personal health all from one place. It's also rumoured to be imporving Siri drastically which will be ideal for the small screen of the iWatch which likely will rely on voice controls, mainly.

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