We've become quite the fans of iWatch concepts, especially when done in an Apple-like fashion. Designer Thomas Bogner arguably has the best one we've seen yet. 

Apple isn't expected to unveil the iWatch, or whatever it chooses to call its smartwatch product, until 2014. Don't think we'll see it Tuesday.

Nonetheless what Bogner has going is a stylish, FuelBand-like design with plenty of elements of iOS 7, instead of going for the typical watch design we've seen from the likes of Sony and Samsung. 

Mail, Messages and Calendar, Music controls, and support for Siri are shown on the curved display.

"But I really liked the idea of wrapping the interface around the wrist and have something like the click wheel rotating around my arm," Bogner writes in his Dribble post. "The main problem is, I love the form-factor of the fuel band but would it be practical to read more text than 'GOAL' or even interact with it?" We'd have to agree.

Apple and Nike have been getting cosy over the last year, so it certainly wouldn't surprise us if a bit of influence wasn't taken. At this point we're just left to speculate - which can be fun.