(Pocket-lint) - If you're slightly dubious about the idea of an Apple iWatch smartwatch, then this concept design might help change your mind.

Rather than shooting for the ultra high-tech, this design from Stephen Olmstead, posted to The Verge forums, takes the sort of minimalistic design we know Apple favours. The watch is a simple design, but incorporates a number of elements to make it practical.

We like the idea of being able to change the strap and the face of the watch to match - it reminds us of the array of colours that Apple's iPod nano and shuffle have offered in the past.

Of course the problem with all smartwatches is what you can actually do with them. Have a FaceTime conversation, yes, that seems entirely possible in a James Bond sort of way. Being alerted to messages is fine too, although like all these things, you'll have to fish your phone from your pocket to reply.

What we'd really like to see in any smartwatch paired to a smartphone is mapping. There's no account for that in this iWatch concept, although there is a compass display, but being able to trigger navigation directions to your next appointment without having to get your phone out of your pocket would be a real joy.

Then you only have to glance at your watch and you're off walking in the right direction.

Sadly this Apple iWatch is the stuff of fantasy, but we're sure to see plenty more wearable tech coming soon. We've already seen the likes of Google Glass and Sony's next-gen SmartWatch 2, there are rumours of a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch lining up for an IFA launch.

Writing by Chris Hall.