Did Apple just reveal its new iWatch in its latest TV advert? Probably not, but its still funny to think that Apple perhaps wants to get used to our seeing people wearing smart watches ahead of a possible reveal of a connected watch in the future.

Watches come in all shapes and sizes, but the Apple sites and Twitter are a-buzz with the sighting of an intelligent looking watch in the company's Music Every Day advert that follows the same lines as its "everyone uses the iPhone to take pictures" message.

Here it's the music capabilities of the iPhone that take centre stage, with a series of shots of people using their phones - or those omnipresent white headphones - to listen to music. At the end, the advert finishes with the words: "More people enjoy music on their iPhone than any other phone."

What do you think, are Apple fans over reacting, or is Apple starting to educate us subliminally that the next thing we want is an iWatch?