No Apple product rumour would be complete without a nice selection of quirky concept designs put together by fans. The iWatch is no exception.

This one, created by Esben Oxholm, has us hoping it comes to fruition. We haven't seen many concepts that look quite as awesome as this.

Drawing on the design philosophy of the iPhone 5, it features a matte, black aluminium strap, with a shiny glass fascia. Inside the watch there's an engraved Apple logo and the whole thing is clasped together by what look like two removable sections.

A big home button sits below the screen, just like you get on any other Apple iDevice. The whole package is so convincing that we really wouldn't be disappointed if this is what Apple were to announce.

In terms of comfort, a soft matte rubber layer is stuck on the inside to keep things from slipping. The screen used is a clever curved display.

Of course, this is all just a concept and Apple's rumoured iWatch may never even come to fruition. But we do enjoy a good bit of fan service and this concept doesn't disappoint.