(Pocket-lint) - Analysts are predicting that Apple will be the next company to get in on the wearable computer game, with the proposed Apple iWatch being just the tip of the iceberg.

Gene Munster, MD of Piper Jaffray, suggests that a move toward devices such as those demoed in the Google Project Glass scheme would be highly profitable for the Cupertino-based company. In the first instance, it would mean a host of wearable satellite devices that Apple could design, manufacture and sell and, second, there would also be other companies looking to make and license similar products for iOS.

Munster predicts that users will carry a core connected device, such as a smartphone or small tablet, which will interface wirelessly with the wearable computers. The idea is nothing new to those following the progress of the field of augmented reality over the years.

What is interesting is that Munster goes on to suggest that even this core device might lose its own screen at the expense of glasses or projectors showing us whatever information we need at the time.

With voice and gesture used to control the sending and receiving of messages, make calls and all other normally touch-based tasks, it's certainly an exciting prospect, whether or not Apple gets involved in it. One thing can be for certain though, and that is it's very unlikely that Tim Cook and his cohorts will get involved in wearable computers until they look good, subtle and actually work properly.

Writing by Dan Sung.