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(Pocket-lint) - Watches throughout history have been limited in their aesthetic capabilities. Most traditional watches feature one fixed case, so the watch's appearance can’t be transformed. Digital watches and smartwatches certainly provide more versatility and watch faces, but they don’t embody the same class and sophistication as a mechanical, analogue watch. Award-winning Ciga Design, which specializes in mechanical watches, has now unveiled a transformative watch design that allows you to morph and transform the external case.

Ciga Design has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for its new series of award-winning mechanical watches. Titled Magician (M-Series), this mechanical watch series is inspired by magicians who dazzle audiences with innovative sleights of hands. Working on that same concept, the Magician mechanical watch has an almost imperceptible mechanism that switches out the external case, transforming the external geometric appearance of your watch to match your mood and setting.


The Ciga Design Magician (M-Series) mechanical watch has a retail price of $659. But you can purchase the watch through Indiegogo for only $559 until 30 August 2022. We encourage you to explore the Indiegogo page and become an early adopter of the Ciga Design Magician (M-Series).

Ciga DesignCiga Design offers a launch day special offer on the award-winning mechanical watch Magician (M-Series) photo 3

Three geometric styles in one watch

Ciga Design’s Magician mechanical watches offer three styles in one watch. The groundbreaking construction features one inner movement and three external cases, so you can easily switch the external case to match your outfit or mood. When you press two buttons, the flexible mechanical replacement mechanism switches out the existing external case with another case, allowing you to transform the geometric shapes on your wrist. The transition between the external cases is seamless, and the internal movement is left uninterrupted.

Innovative mechanical aesthetic with luminous hands

In addition to the flexible mechanical replacement mechanism, the Ciga Design M-Series also features luminous gear-shaped second hands. Instead of using a traditional second hand, this mechanical watch series features a hovering rotating gear with a luminous coating, which makes the gear dazzle in dim light settings. This feature elevates the aesthetic value of the watch while offering increased visibility at night. The introduction of the luminous hands represents Ciga Design’s aesthetic principles - combining form and functionality.

Stylish, groundbreaking, award-winning design

Ciga Design M-Series is designed via a hot-stamping process that produces unique textures that are further elevated with environment-friendly materials and social responsibility. The mechanical watches also feature a magician’s code hidden in the metal words on the outer package. You can send the code to Ciga Design’s official Facebook account at @CigaDesign. If you send the correct code, you will soon receive a surprise gift from Ciga Design.

Ciga Design has a long track record of winning stellar awards for its innovative designs. Ciga Design’s Blue Planet series of watches won the Challenge Watch Prize of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2021 - the first Chinese watch brand to win that award. The brand has also won over 17 other international design awards, including nine Red Dot Design Awards. After unveiling the M-Series, Ciga Design is already in talks to receive another set of international design awards.

Secure your launch day special offer

Ciga Design was founded by Zhang Jianmin, one of China’s leading industrial designers. Ciga Design is China’s first original designer wristwatch brand, committed to offering elevated wristwatch aesthetics that combine modern functionality with the sophistication of traditional mechanical watches. Many consider wristwatches antiquated, but Ciga Design updates the traditional design for the Z generation, providing that a good wristwatch is timeless.

The Ciga Design Magician (M-Series) mechanical watch is available with a special launch day offer of $559 through Indiegogo. You can sign up now to secure the launch day offer before 30 August, following which the watch will be available at the standard retail price of $659. We encourage you to become an early adopter of this timeless timepiece today.