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(Pocket-lint) - The smartwatch world is as competitive as any other bit of tech at the moment, with superb new timepieces coming out all the time. One watchmaker that's been growing steadily in reputation over the last few years is Mobvoi, which has an amazing range of options in its TicWatch line. 

There are watches to suit all budgets, and with some that are perfect for outdoorsy exercise, and others that are aimed at the fashion-conscious, there's sure to be something for you in its roster. Here, we'll run you through three of its very best models, explaining what makes them so special. 

MobvoiMobvoi smartwatches with Google Wear OS are some sleekest we have seen photo 2

TicWatch Pro 3

The TicWatch Pro 3 really is the latest and greatest from Mobvoi, showing off everything that it can do and easily earning its place as one of the very best smartwatches to use Google's Wear OS anywhere on the market. It's a beautiful bit of simple, timeless design, and has a seriously amazing display at its heart, which remains bright and easy to read in even the most challenging situations. A beautiful design and classy grey finish make it a subtle piece, too. 

This watch is also just as at home when you're working out or swimming, with superb waterproofing and great fitness tracking features that'll keep your heart rate, calories burned and much more tracked with the utmost accuracy. With Google Assistant on board, meanwhile, you'll be able to manage a whole bunch of smart tasks without ever needing your phone, while battery life is also exemplary. All in all, the latest flagship in the TicWatch line is a serious contender.

MobvoiMobvoi smartwatches with Google Wear OS are some sleekest we have seen photo 3

TicWatch C2+

If you want something a little slimmer, and smaller on the wrist, though, the C2+ could be the perfect alternative for you. It's a brilliant update to the already impressive TicWatch C2, which has many of the same extremely useful smart features in a slightly smaller and more affordable package. Again, you get great health features including heart rate and calorie tracking, and the design is absolutely superb. You can opt to get it in Rose Gold or Platinum, according to your taste.

Whatever colour you pick it up in, you'll be getting a watch that won't look out of place in any context, whether you're chilling on the beach, out for a run, or checking into a boardroom meeting through Zoom - not to mention that the watch can host your reminders to make sure you don't miss that meeting. If you want a fashionable smartwatch, this is the best option in Mobvoi's lineup to our minds. 

MobvoiMobvoi smartwatches with Google Wear OS are some sleekest we have seen photo 4

TicWatch E2

Finally, though, we thought we'd shine a spotlight on one of the watches that proves you don't need to spend big at all to get some great smartwatch features - the TicWatch E2. This is a superb, slimmed-down reimagining of the bigger TicWatch S2, which still packs in some seriously great fitness tracking and a large display that doesn't make for a bulky body. The gorgeous Shadow colour makes for an even sleeker look. 

It's super clean and simple to look at, in the best way, and still manages to pack in waterproofing to make it a good bet regardless of the weather, or even for some swimming. For this price, there's really not much more you can ask for, and it all runs on Google's great OS, which integrates particularly well if you have an Android phone. 

These are just some of the brilliant watches that Mobvoi makes, but it's also got an impressive extra string to its bow in the form of the superb TicPods, which are some of the best and most comfortable wireless earbuds around, and work flawlessly with the TicWatch range.

Whether you like the look of the TicPods 2 Pro+, or want the noise-cancellation of the TicPods ANC, they're all superb ways to free yourself from the annoyance of wires. Trust us when we say that there are also absolutely loads more watches to check out in its full range, which you can browse on the Mobvoi website here