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(Pocket-lint) - Timex has launched an all-new Ironman watch, and this one is a smartwatch with GPS, heart-rate monitoring and battery that can last up to an impressive 25 days. 

In a lot of ways, it's similar in spirit to the Pebble watches from yesteryear, in that it can mirror the notifications from your smartphone and connects to it via Bluetooth. And it does so on a relatively small square screen.

With that said, this is much more of a fitness focused device than any Pebble ever was. 

The built in heart-rate sensor works together with the GPS tracking to monitor your activities, and the battery capabilities will ensure you can track even the most arduous and long training sessions. 

Timex says you can get up to 25 days from the battery just using it as a smartwatch, or up to 20 hours of straight activity tracking using the GPS. 

TimexTimex Ironman R300 GPS is a 120 fitness tracking smartwatch image 1

If you're a long distance runner with training that goes on for hours at a time, the new Ironman GPS watch should comfortably keep up with you. 

Using the smartphone app, you can send dedicated workouts to your watch, including workout programs for 5K, half or full marathons. 

Once you've done a few sessions, the watch and app can then show you how you're performing versus your best and inform you how your cardiovascular health is improving (or not). 

Digging down into the specifics: the watch features a 40.5mm wide case with its body made predominantly from a durable resin material.

It's waterproof up to 30 metres, has a silicone strap and fairly basic LCD colour screen, similar to what you'd find on a Garmin watch. 

Despite seemingly like a highly capable fitness focused smartwatch from the information we have, the watch costs significantly less than what you'd find from Garmin, or other similar watches. 

Timex's latest smart fitness wearable is available to purchase now in white, grey or black for just $120. 


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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 27 February 2020.