Samsung briefly announced a third version of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 during its Galaxy Note 10 event in New York.

The company recently launched the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and now it's revealing a special edition of the watch. This model is made in partnership with Under Armour. The watch lacks LTE but supports a Bluetooth connection. It's also $30 more than the standard $279 model.

According to Samsung, the Under Armour edition features pre-installed software that gives users direct access to Under Armour’s fitness platform. For instance, it'll offer a built-in MapMyRun app so that wearers can track their runs on a map. The watch also has a six-month membership to Under Armour's MVP version of MapMyRun, which otherwise would cost $6 a month.

The Under Armour edition will also exclusively offer users the ability to pair with Under Armour’s connected HOVR shoes. Elsewhere, this is the same Galaxy Watch Active 2 that was just announced. It rocks a touch-sensitive bezel on the ring around the screen, an improved heart rate monitor, and even built-in ECG capabilities - though that won’t be available at launch.

Finally, the Galaxy Watch Active Under Armour Edition has an aluminium body and comes in two size options: 44mm with a black strap, and 40mm with a grey strap. All versions are expected to be available in late September.