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(Pocket-lint) - Matrix has unveiled a new smartwatch, called the PowerWatch 2.

It's a successor to the PowerWatch, naturally, which initially made headlines because it purportedly solved one of the biggest issues with smartwatches: it didn’t need to be charged. The original PowerWatch accomplished this by using the wearer’s body heat to power the device. However, the PowerWatch 2, which is debuting at CES 2019, is capable of recharging using a second method.

Solar panels are on the watch - in conjunction with the user’s body heat. This, combined with improvements to the thermoelectric generator technology, has given the PowerWatch 2 an increased level of power compared to its predecessor, which means users should never have to wait to charge it and use any of the device's features. It also means Matrix has been able to add some new features.


The improved power enables a full-colour LCD screen on the PowerWatch 2. It also has GPS functionality, Android and iOS companion apps, and third-party functionality with services like Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. The device features a built-in heart monitor, too. The hope is that all of this makes the PowerWatch 2 on par with any other smartwatch on the market, but with the added benefit of never needing to charge it.

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The PowerWatch 2 is available for pre-order now, with a special early price of $200, which is a great deal, as it'll later be listed at $500.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.
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