Like many fashion labels these days, Tory Burch is entering the smartwatch market. It is to release a hybrid device - analogue with smart features - at the end of the year.

Made by the Fossil Group, the Tory Burch Collins hybrid smartwatch is based on the brand's existing menswear watch line, The Collins. It has a clean-line design and four styles will be available, with different straps.

One will come with a navy perforated leather strap with "pops of red", another with a grosgrain fabric strap in navy and ivory colours, and others with gold-tone bracelets with top rings in orange or navy.

The watches will look analogue, with classic watch faces, but have the ability to link to an iOS or Android smartphone. This ensures it can change time automatically when travelling through different timezones, notify you when you have a call, text or email, and track your activities.

There is also sleep tracking functionality and the ability to start and stop music at the touch of a button on the watch.

It uses a cell battery rather than rechargeable version.

Price and exact availability are yet to be revealed, but it will be stocked by Tory Burch boutiques and in department stores around Christmas time. You will also be able to buy it on