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(Pocket-lint) - Movado Group - guardians of a number of fashion watch brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss - has confirmed that it will be launching a family of Android Wear 2.0 watches.

There will be five styles of men's watches unveiled by Movado at Baselworld 2017 in the Movado Connect portfolio. They will come with five customisable watch faces, with options for complications, to get unique and informative dial. 

As Android Wear 2.0 watches, they will support a full range of new functions, including Android Pay and Google Assistant. With greater independence in Android Wear 2.0, you'll also be able to install a range of standalone apps, meaning a great experience with Apple iPhone, as well as full, seamless integration with Android phones.

Movado hasn't yet unveiled the design of the watches, but Efraim Grinberg, CEO, has mentioned a "proprietary edge-to-edge crystal design" suggesting that there won't be a chunky bezel on the Movado models, perhaps offering a more classical design, like the existing Movado Bold Motion - a connected watch launched in 2015 in association with HP. Movado has also confirmed that the dial draws inspiration from the Museum dial (pictured) above.

The new models will be shown off a Baselworld 2017, so we'll bring you a closer look at them from the Swiss show. Movado also makes Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss branded watches and has confirmed they will both be offering Android Wear devices too.

All the new models will be available in autumn 2017, with prices starting at $495. They will be available in US, Caribbean, Canada and the UK.

Writing by Chris Hall.