(Pocket-lint) - While many have been worrying about whether they can use Apple or Android Pay on their smartphone, bPay has been presenting a number of easy payment options for a number of years. Now it is the turn of wearables, with Garmin and Mondaine both confirming support for the new bPay Loop.

bPay Loop is actually very simple. In the case of Garmin, support for bPay is added by slipping a case that contains the bPay chip onto the strap of a compatible device. It then works the same way as any other contactless payment device, offering payments up to £30.

Garmin will be giving away bPay Loop with Garmin devices bought through the Garmin website, so it will be easy to get your hands on one. 

For those who like to run or ride, adding a simple contactless payment option to your sports watch means you can buy a drink or get the bus home if you need to, without having to worry about carrying cash or a card.

For Mondaine, the Swiss Watch company who offers a connected analogue watch, supporting bPay had been an assumption once the company announced its PayChip plan at Baselworld 2016. Again, you can slip bPay Loop onto the strap, although Mondaine has previously shown off a strap with a pocket designed to accommodate a payment chip, which would be a tidier option. 

In reality, given that bPay is just a mobile payment chip, we imagine you'll be able to add it to any watch or fitness band if you want payment options without needing a phone, card or card on the move. 

The important thing about Barclaycard's bPay is how the system is managed. Once you have a bPay chip, you have to register it to set up your account and then you can pay into that account using your regular Visa or MasterCard accounts, giving you the funds to pay using the bPay chip.

Writing by Chris Hall.