Baselworld brings together the world's biggest watch and jewellery makers in a celebration of luxury, in the Swiss town of Basel. Naturally there's a heavy leaning towards the traditions of the Swiss Watch industry, but there's a growing sense of smart technology too.

The two sides of the watch world come together surprisingly harmoniously. Shouting about hundreds of years of history and showing jewel-encrusted timepieces that are incredibly rare and complicated, is as exciting as the latest silicon valley technological innovation. 

Baselworld 2016 had more smartwatches than previous years, something we expect to see in the future. With more established brands like Tag Heuer and this year Tissot moving to connect your watch to your smartphone, the industry is definitely listening and responding to the latest trends. 

But rarely do those watches catch your eye like a flying tourbillon or grand complication. The real magic of Baselworld is not in this increasingly familiar smart technology, it's still very much in the obscure novelty. 

Here are some of the amazing watches that caught our eye at Baselworld 2016.