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(Pocket-lint) - For those familiar with Swiss Watch company Tissot, news of a smartwatch might not be so strange. The company has been flirting with smart functionality for some time through its T-Touch models, and has referred to them as smart in the past. 

At Baselworld 2016, however, Tissot has revealed the Smart-Touch, a model that's aimed at taking on newer smartwatches without abandoning its time-telling heritage. It's a watch first, but then delivers a range of functions taking it beyond the current T-Touch offerings, connecting to your smartphone and other devices. 

The design seems to be very much based on the T-Touch Solar models that are already available. It has a titanium case, topped with a ceramic bezel, with a sapphire crystal face to keep it free from scratches. It is water-resistant to 10 bar, meaning it's good to 100m. There's a quartz movement inside.

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The battery can be charged by the sun: leave it out for a day and it will be fully charged again, although we're not sure how much of this powers the watch and how much the smart functions, or where that balance will be struck.

Many of the functions of this smartwatch will be familiar. There are the core functions of a timer, alarms, compass, barometer and temperature, altimeter and so on. But once connected to your smartphone, you'll be able to sync the time, get weather updates, change settings easily as well as share your experiences with friends. There's also GPS, although it's not clear whether this in on-board the watch, or assisted by the phone.

There are also connected accessories, including a Find-It tag to help you keep track of other items and a weather station that can give you humidity, air quality and temperature readings. When you buy the watch, as we understand it from talking to a Tissot representative, you'll get those accessories with it. 

Tissot refers to the Smart-Touch as the next-generation of T-Touch watches. It is expected to launch in late-2016, with an estimated retail price of around CHF1000, approx. £710.

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Some of the details are a little sketchy on the Smart-Touch. We get the feeling that Tissot isn't quite ready to make the grand reveal, but it did give over a section of its Baselworld stand to an interactive display centred around the watch's functions.

Writing by Chris Hall.