(Pocket-lint) - Pebble needs to keep consumers interested, especially with so many wearables now flooding the market.

The smartwatch-maker has therefore announced deep price cuts for two of its smartwatch models. Starting today, you can get the Pebble Time for $149.99 and the Pebble Time Round for $199.99. They've both been given $50 discounts. The Time Steel watch still costs $249.99

If you've bought either of these smartwatches on or after 21 January, Pebble said you can email the company (at order@pebble.com) to get a $50 refund. You'll need to put "Price Adjustment" in the subject along with your original order number though. But that's all you need to do.

Apart from new USD prices for the Pebble Time and the Pebble Time Round, Pebble revealed via a blog post it is also implementing "improved European and UK prices for our entire lineup - make joining the Pebble community or upgrading to the latest models easier than ever."

Pebble is lowering prices in the UK for the Pebble Time to £149.99, whilst the Pebble Time Round will be available for £179.99. Prices across the range are also being lowered, however. Pebble is £79.99, for instance, and the Pebble Steel is £119.99. The Pebble Time Steel is £199.99.

Alongside these price changes, Pebble has elaborated on the success of its Pebble Health app that launched last December. Although it is a built-in feature for Pebble watches, the company boasted 90 per cent of Time watches have activated it and two-thirds use it weekly.

Pebble plans to add more features soon, including a new section in the main Pebble app for activity history.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Editing by Adrian Willings.