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(Pocket-lint) - Victorinox and Acer have been working together to combine Acer's technology passions with Victorinox's Swiss pursuit of quality, and bring something a little different to the wearable market.

The Victorinox Cybertool is a high-tech addition for your Inox watch, adding the sort of functions you might find in a smartwatch or fitness band. The idea is to give you a best of both worlds: smartwatch features, without having to abandon your analogue watch. 

The Cybertool is really an additional casing that clips around the body of your existing Inox watch. It's formed from hard and soft plastics and in the surface of the of the Cybertool there's an LCD display to give you information, while still being able to see the time on the watch underneath.

Cybertool carries a couple of buttons to navigate through its set of features, including a timer, stopwatch, dual time, step tracking, calories burnt, call notifications and reminders. There's also a find my phone function, and the option to send a distress message to a pre-assigned number, that then goes out with your GPS location from your phone.

The battery in the Cybertool will give you between 5 and 7 days of life and the whole thing is proofed to IPX7 standards, so it won't mind getting wet. It will, however, increase the bulk of your watch fairly dramatically. 

The Cybertool is compatible with Android and iOS, with a companion app to control your device and get access to your stats.

Victorinox said it was pursuing a "more is more" solution, being able to add connected features without having to sacrifice anything in its Inox Swiss Army watch. 

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There's no word on pricing or availability for this quirky accessory just yet.

Writing by Chris Hall.