You'll soon be able to control Pebble's latest lineup of devices with your voice.

The company has announced a new Dictation API, which is powered by Nuance voice recognition, and with this new set of tools, developers will be able to create voice-command-friendly apps for the Time, Time Steel, and Time Round.

"You speak and we listen," announced Pebble. "From keeping in touch hands-free to controlling smart homes and connected cars, the possibilities are endless. We’re excited to see what developers build with this sweet new tool."

Pebble's version 3.6 firmware has been released with support for Pebble Dictation API. Keep in mind all users - whether they pair their watch with an iPhone or Android - will be able to take advantage of these new voice features when they start appearing in apps. We just have to wait for that stuff to arrive. 

The new firmware also includes timeline, notification, and stability improvements. To update, just go to the menu in the Pebble Time app for Android and iOS and then hit "update your Pebble". Simples.

Check out Pebble's blog post for more details.