(Pocket-lint) - The worlds of fashion and tech are becoming more and more entwined. The collaborations that happen during fashion week are just the tip of the iceberg though, with numerous devices taking a fashion spin.

It's smartwatches that have seen one of the biggest fashion influences however. Several companies are jumping on the bandwagon, from Tag Heuer and Guess, to Michael Kors and Emporio Armani, all after a slice of the smartwatch pie.

Not all smartwatches put fashion as a primary consideration, but we are seeing more and more that have at least appreciated that one size doesn't fit all. For all those out there who are looking to be down with tech without it ruining your style, here are six fashion-friendly smartwatches.


Apple Watch

Buy the Apple Watch Series 2 for £369 from Amazon.co.uk or for $578.99 from Amazon.com

The Apple Watch could easily be considered one of the most fashion-conscious smartwatches around. It is well built and it looks great on, but more importantly, it comes in two sizes and there are over 30 models to choose from, and that's before you start mixing and matching. 

The Hermès collaboration takes the style element of the Apple Watch one step further but you can create a great look with the other models too. You get most of the tech you'd expect from a smartwatch with this device and with so many strap options and body colours available, there is bound to be one to suit various outfits. 

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Tag Heuer Connected / Connected Modular 45

Buy the Tag Heuer Connected for £2,995 from Amazon.co.uk or $2,650 from Amazon.com / Buy the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 from £1,400 from tagheuer.com 

The Tag Heuer Connected launched in 2015, followed by the Connected Modular 45 model in March 2017. They are two of the most expensive smartwatches out there, but for those after a watch first, smartwatch second, they are both excellent options, especially in terms of the Modular 45.

The Connected is a sporty style of Tag's Carrera family of watches and it is more unique than many of its competitors, with Tag's 150-year experience shining through. The Connected Modular 45 has an Android Wear smartwatch module that can be replaced with a Haute Horlogerie face, giving you the best of both worlds. If you have the cash, the Tags are worth the splash.

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Michael Kors Access

Buy the Michael Kors Access for £308.50 from Amazon.co.uk or for $350 from Amazon.com

The Michael Kors Access smartwatch is up there with the best in terms of design and wearability. It does what a smartwatch should do: look like a watch you'd want to wear, while adding Android Wear smart functionality.

The dedicated MK faces make the Access feel that little bit more special than some other Android Wear devices and there are several colour options available, as well as alternative straps. For the MK fans who love the signature chunky watches but want it connected, the Bradshaw won't disappoint.

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Emporio Armani Connected 

Buy the Emporio Armani Connected from £183 from Amazon.co.ukorfrom $245 from Amazon.com

The Emporio Armani Connected is a smart, sophisticated and well-built hybrid smartwatch. It joins a Kate Spade model and Skagen model under the Fossil umbrella, bringing an option for those who like the idea of getting more out of their watch but who aren't quite sold on a fully-fledged smartwatch.

Being hybrid, it misses out on some of the features offered by Android Wear devices or the Apple Watch, but the Emporio Armani Connected looks like your typical Armani watch and that's where it will gain the hearts of those who want to be stylish and smart.

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Samsung Gear S3

Buy the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for £312 from Amazon.co.uk or for $335 from Amazon.com / Buy the Samsung Gear S3 Classic for £319 from Amazon.co.uk or $323 from Amazon.com

The Samsung Gear S3 is available in a couple of different models, the Frontier and Classic, both of which deliver in terms of both design and software. The solid metal chassis of the Classic offers meticulous fine details, 22mm straps and a lovely rotating bezel for navigating the operating system, while the Frontier is sportier but still looks great.

Both Gear S3 devices deliver on feeling like a proper watch that happens to be smart. There's no higher praise than that. They are not as recommendable for the iPhone user, but for Android, it's a fantastic option.

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Guess Connect 

Buy the Guess Connect for men for £294 from Amazon.co.ukor $256.95 fromAmazon.com and for women for £249 from Amazon.co.uk or$249 from Amazon.com

The Guess Connect smartwatch was announced at CES 2015, making it one of the oldest smartwatches on this list. The company has been making watches for over 30 years but the fact that it is probably better known for handbags and shoes is perhaps why the Guess Connect could be seen as more stylish than some other smartwatches.

There are two size options - 41mm and 45mm - but there are also five styles available including a rose gold model with a crocodile skin strap. The Guess Connect gets its brains from Martian Watches and the best thing about this device is that it looks like a normal watch despite being a lot smarter than one.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.