(Pocket-lint) - Watch manufacturer Timex has announced its first connected smartwatch, sort of. The Timex Metropolitan+ is a classic faced analogue watch with activity tracking technology.

The activity tracking is transmitted via Bluetooth to a connected smartphone. This includes data on steps, distance and calories burned. But this is the great part, it doesn't require charging. Running from the watch battery, it should last long enough so you don't have another device to plug in at night. Simply change the battery as you would with a normal watch. Although likely a lot sooner.

The watch also displays stats allowing the wearer to check how near to a goal they are. For more detailed stats the connected phone can be used, where all the data is stored.

The Metropolitan+ will be a part of Timex's new Connected Style Collection. Initially the watch will be available in three variants: a silver tone finish, black dial with red accents, black perforated leather strap and silver-tone case; a black dial with red accents and a textured leather strap; the other will feature a black case, black dial and orange accents and come with black silicone and orange nylon strap options. All feature quick release straps and the Timex Indiglo night-light plus phone apps for iOS and Android.

The silver tone finish will cost $150 while the other two will be $125.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.