(Pocket-lint) - iHealth specialises in wellness, rather than simple health tracking. For this reason it's pushing swimming tracking which can be used to recover from injuries as well as enhance fitness. The iHealth Wave is the fitness tracker it wants to help make these goals possible.

The iHealth Wave is a £70 wrist worn activity tracker which can also track swimming. The smartwatch comes in a wrist band but it can also be removed to be worn in a pocket.

For swimming tracking the Wave is built to handle up to 30 metres depth and can sit in salt water too. In a pool the app can be used to set pool length for tracking, but it will also track open water swimming. Lengths, calories and movements can be tracked.

For day to day use steps, calories and distance can be seen at a glance. Sleep tracking is also an option. To jump between readouts the watch simply needs to be twisted on the wrist. There are no buttons or touchscreen controls.

iHealth says the Wave will last a full 7 days on a charge but that will be reduced with swim tracking. Constant swim tracking should last for 5 days, not that anyone will ever need that much constant swim tracking.

The iHealth Wave will be available before the end of the year for £70.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.