(Pocket-lint) - If you didn't buy the Pebble Time via Kickstarter after it unveiled a few of months ago, now's your chance.

Best Buy has begun accepting pre-orders for the Pebble Time - and it's the only place where those of you who didn't pledge any money on Kickstarter can still get in your order early. If you go to Pebble's website to pre-order, it'll just direct you to Best Buy. The US-based retailer is offering Pebble Time in black, red, and white.

UPDATE: If you live internationally, which includes places like the UK and Canada, you can pre-order the Pebble Time for £179 through Pebble's website starting today (but keep in mind the website currently says the smartwatch is on backorder). People living in the US are still limited to ordering through BestBuy.com.

Pebble's new smartwatch, with costs $199.99, is considered one of the most successful crowd-funded campaigns of all time. It's the third-generation Pebble smartwatch and most notably added a colour display to the watch-maker's lineup, but that's not the only reason why it smashed records and has been turning heads.

The upcoming watch also comes with new software and a Timeline interface. It even supports voice replies and offers a special port that'll allow you to plug in smart accessories. And those are just a few of the stand-out features in Pebble Time. If any of that interests you, grab the Pebble Time through Best Buy right now.

Best Buy's website indicates it will start shipping the smartwatch sometime in July. There are also plans to sell the device in-store, but a timeframe hasn't been announced yet. Pebble also plans to expand Pebble Time availability to other places in the world, which you can read more about here.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.