(Pocket-lint) - Tapping and swiping down through menus is still a time consuming issue for most smartwatches. Sure, voice control is a thing, but in public who ever uses it? Quantum Interface reckons it has the solution.

The Texas based Quantum Interface has created QiLaunch Wear. This is a predictive navigation interface that aims to speed up smartwatch use and save battery.

The system is unique in that it begins scrolling from the moment a finger touches the screen and moves in a direction. While the QI system will eventually work across other devices, the initial launch is of the QiLaunch Wear for Android Wear.

The company also works on precognition systems that predict a user's intent, once this hits the software it should take it to a whole new level.

So how does it work? As the user puts a finger on the screen the menu is immediately brought up, scrolling towards an icon. Essentially it is always moving so there are no stopped phases like current menus. Check out the video to see it in action.

While it sounds like the company is working to make the system more predictive, at this stage it appears to simply be a scrolling quick menu.

Initially the QILaunch Wear is only available in private beta, which you have to be invited to download. If you're interested in giving it a go pop over to Quantuminterface.com/beta to sign-up and be in with a chance.

The company founder and CTO, Jonathan Josephson, says: "With any device, notice how you drill down through multiple options, or long rows of choices, rather than moving smoothly exactly where you want to go. Qi has created a 'human' interface that seamlessly and intuitively connects people to their technology."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.