(Pocket-lint) - Smartwatches are creating enough of a stir in the classic watch world to get timepiece creators to pay attention. The latest classic watch to get the smart treatment is IWC Schaffausen with its smart strap upgrade.

IWC Connect has been announced as a way of making a classic watch smart without the need to get rid of the face, or pay for a new watch.

The round IWC Connect module attaches to the strap of its traditional wrist wear enabling fitness tracking as well as internet of things connectivity, via an app. The app has not been detailed yet so how this IOT part works is unclear.

The IWC Connect has no screen and apparently no notification abilities. This falls short of a smartwatch but negates the need to wear an activity tracker and classic watch together.

This move to smarten a classic timepiece isn't a first as Montblanc has already introduced its e-Strap. This features an OLED screen where the watchstrap clasp would normally be. It is able to measure activity but also offers vibrating alerts for calls, messages, social and calendar notifications, control of the phone's music player or camera and more.

Apple Watch is proving very popular while Android Wear is adding more devices and updates regularly. But with Tag Heuer teamed up with Google and Intel to release its £900 smartwatch this October, it's still anybody's guess who will come out on top in this vibrant sector of the wearable market.

The IWC Connect should appear first in the Big Pilot range of sports watches. Release date and pricing have not yet been announced.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.