(Pocket-lint) - Google's Niantic Labs has updated its Field Trip tourist guide app to also work on Android Wear smartwatches. You can now check out the exploration app on your wrist.

The Field Trip app has been around for several years now, but originally for Android smartphones and then the iPhone. Now the Android Wear version adds another way to find out more information on the cool, hidden and unique things around you.

It's not just for tourism either, you can find out historical and interesting facts about the area in which you live. Or find places to shop, eat and have fun.

It draws on curated info from more than 200 publishers around the world and shows full cards describing places nearby for you to check out further. On Android Wear smartwatches, the cards can pop up whenever you approach a suggested location. Alternatively, you can tap or use voice commands to get nearby Field Trip recommendations.

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A version of the app was even made available for Google Glass in 2013, if you so happen to have the augmented reality headset.

The updated Field Trip app is now available for Android devices, including Android Wear, and iOS, with download links hosted at fieldtripper.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.