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(Pocket-lint) - What happens when a former Apple and HP product designer creates a smartwatch from scratch? Olio.

Smartwatches are now coming thick and fast with Android Wear in many forms and the Apple Watch ready to hit wrists the world over. But the Olio is different, it's designed by Steven Jacobs with the same meticulous focus that a mechanical watch gets – plus it's designed to last more than one season.

The Olio Model One features a strong crystal screen with a case made from solid steel. It will launch in steel or PVD-coated black. It also uses a charge coil in the back of the screen for wireless charging.

But it's not just the physical build that aims to impress, the operating system was designed from the ground-up and uses an assistant similar to which president Obama employs for simplifying tasks.

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The idea behind the Olio OS is that every task can be responded to with a simple "Yes", "No" or "Tell Me More". This is similar to the memo system Obama uses to run his office efficiently. The assistant will even make intelligent suggestions like ordering you an Uber if you're running late for a meeting. On top of that most of the processing is done in the cloud to save on battery power.

The software focuses on the people the wearer interacts with the most so as to keep notifications relevant. These notifications are shown using lines which grow longer as more notifications are missed or ignored.

The Olio Model One smartwatch, which works with Android and iOS, is available to pre-order now from $595 which is about £400. It should ship this summer.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.