(Pocket-lint) - Neptune Suite might just be the one platform to unite them all. It uses a smartwatch as the brains then adds phone, tablet, keyboard, wireless headphones and TV dongle as accessories to make it work everywhere.

The Neptune Suite, currently smashing its goal on Indiegogo, is the perfect gadget combination we've dreamed of. The heart of it is a smartwatch which can do everything including making calls.

Then you can add screens as you need them including a smartphone, a tablet and a conversion keyboard to make it a laptop. There's even a Chromecast-like TV dongle that'll turn a screen into a giant display. The idea being you can open an app in one place and continue immediately on another screen.

Neptune Suite

The smartwatch, dubbed Neptune Hub, will have a quad-core processor, 2.4-inch touchscreen, 64GB storage, LTE connectivity, heart rate sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC. Neptune claims it's "the world's first true personal computer".

The Hub will make and receive calls, track fitness and even feature Contact Slide which allows you to access contacts by sliding your finger on the screen and holding harder when you find who you want – much like Apple Watch.

Neptune Suite

The smartphone is called Pocket Screen. This is a 5-inch display with touchscreen that sports 8-megapixel front and 2-megapixel rear cameras for a true smartphone experience.

The tablet is called, less imaginatively, Tab Screen. This is a 10-inch 1920 x 1080 touchscreen with 720p front-facing camera offering a tablet with the brain of a smartwatch – which is probably way better than it sounds.

Neptune Suite

The keyboard, called Neptune Keys, can be attached to the tablet to make it a laptop but can also wirelessly connect to the TV dongle turning the big screen into a giant computer monitor.

The Neptune Dongle connects to any TV with an HDMI port and allows it to act as a monitor for a full desktop or smart TV experience.

There is even a Neptune Headset which works wirelessly. When not in use this sits around the neck and connects using magnets so it can be forgotten about and worn like a necklace. They appear to have thought of everything. But what about power?

Neptune Suite

Although the Hub has roughly half the battery capacity of smartphone with 1,000mAh, Neptune says, it also consumes about half thanks to the small display. The other devices consume less power as they're simply dumb screens connected to the Hub with plenty of space for more batteries. The Pocket Screen has a 2,800mAh battery while the Tab features a 7,000mAh pack.

Neptune has even redesigned the charging cable so it can split off and charge three devices at once using a single wall socket and charger. The devices all connect using the latest WiGig technology for low power but high-speed 7Gbps connectivity.

So what operating system will all this run on? Google's very own Android Lollipop OS will be used across all the devices. What a relief.

The Neptune Suite should be delivered by February 2016. Hurry if you want to get the $599, £400, early bird price though as it's proving very popular on Indiegogo.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.