(Pocket-lint) - Alpina has unveiled its latest offering at Baselworld 2015 with its Horological Smartwatch that offers analogue readings for activity data.

The Alpina Horological Smartwatch is aimed at women and joins the market of analogue data wearables. Withings already leads the way with its Activité.

The Alpina Horological Smartwatch, on the face of it, appears like any other analogue wrist watch. But that extra dial isn't time related but is actually to show your daily step count at a glance. While smartphones are able to offer step tracking it's the at-a-glance ease that a watch offers which makes it more helpful for motivation.

The activity tracking is done using what Alpina calls MotionX tracking. This is essentially its algorithms which work with the watches movement sensors to offer the most accurate step count.

The watch also tracks and displays sleep activity on the dials. All the data in synchronised via Bluetooth with Android or iOS smartphones allowing owners to check their data over longer periods of time like weeks and months.

According to Alpina the watch should keep going for over 2 years before the battery needs changing.

Exact pricing and release date have not been announced but expect to pay around £350 from April.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.