(Pocket-lint) - Switzerland-based Breitling is a company that primarily designs and manufactures chronometer watches, but it's latest offering is something a bit different. It has finally introduced a smartwatch (or, rather, a "connected watch") called B55 Connected.

The new B55 is described as a new-generation connected chronograph. It connects to a Breitling mobile app via Bluetooth to wirelessly communicate with your phone, but it's still a Swiss luxury watch at the same time, because it features accurate timekeeping functionality and the company's B50 caliber superquartz movement instead of just being mechanical.

You can use the watch's app to change time zones, thus adjusting the watch's digital display and analog hands, or you can it to set alarms, sync to a phone, etc. The watch targets pilots, which is a clientele Breitling consistently caters to, as it'll allow you to do things like time flights via the B55's minimal buttons, while the app backs up that data for logging and sharing.

The B55 cannot send texts, update your Facebook status, send out tweets, track your steps, monitor your heart rate, or connect to third-party apps and games. It's simply a timepiece with a few smart features. It's not your new companion or personal assistant. But for those of you who are still into classical watches, it might be the perfect middle ground.

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Pricing and availability for Breitling's new B55 Connected will likely be announced next week at the Baselworld show in Switzerland. Watch the promotional video above to learn more.

Writing by Elyse Betters.