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(Pocket-lint) - When is a smartwatch more than just a smartwatch? When it's a wrist-strapped phone, that's when. The MyKronoz ZePhone is exactly that: a giant scale watch that doesn't run Android Wear like so many competitors, but is built on full Android (version 4.2) instead.

That means full access to Google Play to download whatever you please and the integrated micro SIM slot delivers full 3G connectivity. It really is a phone shaped like a smartwatch.

But it's also more than that, with a built-in optical heart-rate monitor to give a real-time read of your active pulse rate, a feature only a few full-time wearable devices offer. The dedicated Goals app adds to the exercise focus, with the option to calculate calories burned based on steps, distance and heart-rate statistics.

And all without the need to pair a smartphone. The ZePhone smartwatch features built-in GPS and Wi-Fi so if you're out on a run it'll collate all the necessary data and you're then free to plug into the related Android app of choice, as downloaded from Google Play.

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Navigating the screen is much the same as smartphone control. Swipe between screens, each of which can feature up to six apps or a combination of widgets, or leave the digital watch face showing. Up and down keys on the side act as multi-functional controls, whether adjusting volume or backing out of an application - you won't find the usual trio of Android home keys here.

There's also built-in voice control should you want it, much like Google Now. Battery life is said to give up to three days of use per charge, which is a bold claim given just how much this smartwatch can do.

However, the ZePhone is big. Like, really big. We get that a large screen is required to fit in apps and legible text, but at this scale it'll be most prominent on the wrist.

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The MyKronoz ZePhone was on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but is absent from the company's website so we don't know a great deal more about it than that. It's a bold take on what a smartwatch is, but a fun one nonetheless.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 3 March 2015.