(Pocket-lint) - Haier has unveiled a selection of wearable devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but they might not be what you think. These are about tracking, rather than being a computer on your wrist.

There is a model for children, which is bright and colourful, but appears to offer pretty much the same functions as the model for "seniors", which has a more mature design with real leather strap.

What these devices offer is tracking and monitoring. They are controlled through a companion app on your smartphone, where you can monitor the location, as well as set a safe zone.


For example, if you're at the park, you can set a boundary for your kids so you'll know as soon as they stray beyond it. You also get a few days of GPS history, so you can see where your child/Grandma has been.

The interesting element is the microphone, described as a baby monitor function. That will let you listen to the surrounding environment to help determine their location.

Both models are waterproof up to 30 metres too, which means there's no excuse for taking them off when swimming. On a more macabre note, we'll leave you to imagine some Luca Brasi scenarios where this function might be handy.

It's not clear at this stage exactly how the devices connect to the outside world, but the icons on the display suggest it is on a 2G Edge network.


If you'd rather keep track of Fido, there's a collar version for your family pet. This will, again, let you track the location, as well as listen to the surroundings to try and determine the location of a lost animal. 

Or perhaps you just fancy listening to your dog going about its doggy business. There's a speaker, too, so you can talk to your pet through its collar. Whether that will soothe a distressed animal or just confuse it, we really can't tell.

The Haier wearables for people will connect to a future planned SOS service.

Pricing and availability is still to be confirmed.

Writing by Chris Hall.