(Pocket-lint) - Swatch has entered the "Smartwatch" market with a rather different approach to Apple and Android phone makers.

Rather than create an all-singing-all-dancing wearable that will deliver notifications to your wrist or let you turn off the heating when you are out, it has taken a very different tack.

Its watch lets you keep score at beach volleyball.

That's right, the new Swatch Touch Zero One watch is really just aimed at letting you keep score when playing beach volleyball.

Features of the watch include a Step Counter, Power Hits and Power Claps counter and it connects to an accompanying app, presumably Android and iOS, to let you track all your activity all the time, even when you aren't playing volleyball.

In terms of design, the Touch is very similar to Swatches Touch Watch and features a mono screen, curved touchscreen plastic display, built-in backlight to finger-tap and side-swipe access to six timing functions.


"On top of all that, Swatch Touch Zero One is a touchscreen Swatch with finger- fun access to multiple Beach Volley functions right on the Swatch, and tons more information when connected to the free Touch Zero One App," says Swatch on what the watch can do.

Because of the mono screen, Swatch says the watch won't need charging every day, but more like once a year.

The watch is expected to cost around £149 when it hits the shelves later in the year.

Writing by Stuart Miles.