Pebble Time, the new smartwatch from Pebble, made a million dollars in funding on Kickstarter in around 30 minutes, trouncing the record in doing so.

The previous record was held by The Veronica Mars Movie Project, which raised $1 million (£647,340) in four-and-a-quarter hours. Pebble Time had actually made its $500,000 goal in just 17 minutes as well. And at the time of writing - just one hour and 44 minutes since the new watch was announced - it has made almost $3.23 million.

The Pebble Time smartwatch, which will ship in May, is the company's first to feature a full-colour display. And because it uses e-paper technology, battery life is far greater than on rival colour watches. It boasts up to seven days on a single change.

It is also thinner than previous Pebble watches and is water resistant - can even be worn while swimming.

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The watch is compatible with all Pebble apps on the Pebble store and as it uses a new version of the manufacturer's operating system, it will also come with new dedicated applications in time.

Perhaps one of the reasons for its success on Kickstarter is that the watch was available for $159 on the site, $40 less than the full retail price when it becomes available later this year. Unfortunately though, all those early bird models are gone.

You will still be able to get it for $20 off if you're quick.