(Pocket-lint) - Pebble has a countdown on its official site for what appears to be a new watch, but since that went live little else was revealed. Now reports are surfacing that suggest we can expect a thinner design and colour display.

According to sources of 9to5mac the next Pebble will feature a wider display that's going to offer colour on its "e-paper-like" screen. The screen should also be wider than the current model, brighter with an improved backlight and overall it should be thinner. Unfortunately it sounds like there still won't be a touch screen making an appearance.

Despite the new Pebble apparently being thinner and brighter it should still offer a similar battery life to the current models. The latest Pebble should run on a new Cortex M4 processor and feature a 6-axis gyroscope.

The new Pebble should also come with a microphone suggesting it will be able to work with third-party voice-controlled apps. According to the sources the watch will feature Nuance voice recognition software suggesting it will work via voice controls even when Google is out of reach – a step up on Android Wear devices.

Pebble is reportedly also working on integrating heart rate sensors into its watches but these aren't expected to appear in this model. According to the source "Smart Bands" are planned for the future which should feature more sport focused sensors.

The Pebble operating system has also been redesigned, according to the source, to be "dramatically different". This has been done by the team behind webOS and should feature a timeline view for notifications as well as new animations throughout the UI. 

Pricing for the new Pebble is expected to be similar to the Pebble Steel at £150.

The Pebble announcement is expected on Tuesday 24 March.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.