We've not heard much from Pebble recently, but the plucky wearable has just rolled out a new software update for Android users bringing compatibility with Android Wear notifications.

With Google pushing its own smartwatch agenda through Android Wear - and Sony, Samsung, LG, Asus, Motorola, et al. pushing the hardware - there is a lot happening in the Android wearable and Android app space. 

A number of apps have been updated and revised, supporting Android Wear so that they are compatible with wrist-based notifications. It's this that Pebble users now get the benefit of with the latest update, meaning you can reply and action notifications right from your wrist. 

In the release notes on Pebble's blog, the company says that this is down to a shared spirit of openness, so Pebble has been able to tap into Android's open approach to notifications. 

Apple users got full notifications previously, but with Android Wear gaining momentum, Pebble users should get to benefit from the excitement surrounding Google's wearables. 

There is a firmware update for your Pebble, as well as an app update for your smartphone, so get checking to take advantage of those Android Wear notifications!