(Pocket-lint) - Sports and fitness is firmly on the wearable agenda, with plenty of new innovative devices launching over the past year. Well, 2015 has a lot in store for those wanting to track, trace and monitor their fitness.

From smarter headphones, to smart fabrics, to sportswatches that are getting smarter all the time, there's no shortages of choices coming your way. We've only just entered the new year, but here's a round-up of some of the great products that you can look forward to in 2015.

Bragi Dash

The Dash headphones are the future of sports media players. They manage to cram in wireless Bluetooth 4.0 aptX connectivity, 4GB storage, touch-sensitive controls, and fitness tracking including heart rate and oxygen level monitoring. Dash features a 3-axis accelerometer, ambient mic, thermometer, IR LED and optical sensors, an ear bone mic and 5 field capacitive sensors.

Bragi Dash

Want to hear your pace while running? Just swipe at the bud and it will be read out to you. And they work alone using that 4GB storage to hold all your favourite running tracks. The left-ear touch controls will be for training controls, such as starting and stopping a workout, and the right ear will be for sound like adjusting volume or taking a call. 

All that and the 100mAh battery should last 3 hours for play and tracking time, 4 hours for play alone, and 250 hours on standby. Charging to full takes less than an hour via USB. The Dash will work with iOS and Android. Pre-order Dash for $299 (about £200) for delivery from April.


The Hexoskin smart shirt, made with Italian textiles, is able to track the wearer's heart rate, breathing rate and volume, steps with cadence and calories and even sleep. It uses a small device that slips into a pouch on the shirt. It connects via Bluetooth to iOS and Android devices.


The Hexoskin is available in short and long sleeved versions for men and women. The shirt with device and cable is available to buy now for $399 which is about £255. Expect plenty more from this early adopting company in 2015. 

Athos smart shirt and shorts

The Athos shirt and shorts are tight fitting sensor filled garments capable of detecting heart rate, breathing rate and even muscle activity thanks to EMG sensors. The sensor unit that connects to the user's phone features an accelerometer and fits into the shirt so it can be removed for charging or clothes washing.

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The Athos Core is $199, shorts and shirts start at $99 each meaning a total of $298 which is about £190 from Athos.

Garmin Fenix 3

The Garmin Fenix 3 is an evolution of Garmin's existing sports watch, offering style and functionality, no matter what you're doing. Fenix 3 integrates with Garmin's range of sensors, so you can use it for just about any sport, be that running, cycling, swimming or kayaking. It offers GPS/GLONASS tracking and has a colour display.

The Fenix 3 also has 50 hours of battery life in UltraTrack mode, so is ideal for adventure racers or ultra runners, and is waterproof to 5ATM. There's even a special Sapphire edition that has a sapphire crystal display and metal wristband. The Garmin Fenix 3 will cost you from $499.99 and is available to pre-order today.

Garmin Vivoactive

Forging a middle ground between Garmin's fully featured sports watches and its lifestyle activity tracker - the Vivofit - is the new Vivoactive. This is a device that also offers a range of smartwatch functions aside from the fitness elements you might associate with Garmin.


You'll be able to receive a range of notifications on your watch, for example, so not only can you keep track of your performance on the golf course, you can see those important emails drifting past too. The Garmin Vivoactive will support Garmin's heart rate strap and features a GPS. The Garmin Vivoactive is available from $249.99, with pre-orders open now.

Mio Alpha 2

After putting a heart rate monitor on your wrist with the original, the Mio Alpha is back with an upgraded model. The Mio Alpha 2 now has an added accelerometer meaning it can track your steps and daily activity for you to compare to heart rate data - ideal for exercising or those with a heart condition.


The Alpha 2 also features a backlight now so it can be used at night. The watch is quite stand-alone with up to 25 workouts stored with distance, speed and pace. Expect to pay $200 which is about £133 for the Alpha 2.

Magellan Echo Fit

The Echo Fit is the latest in the Magellan Echo series and it offers you the ability to view and control sports apps when your smartphone is tucked away, as well as track your daily steps, calories burnt and monitor your sleep length and patterns.


You'll be able to control your music and perform app functions such as start and stop by using the remote controls on the Echo Fit, while double tapping the screen will provide you with additional data. Magellan claims you'll get 8 months of life from the battery and it will work with apps including Strava, MapMyRun and AllTrails, among others.

Omate Racer

Omate started making watches for style fans and has since set its sights on sport. It will be putting its MediaTek chips to use in a new line of watches including the Racer.


The Omate Racer will work like its predecessors pushing notifications from phones to the screen for quick view ease. The watch should be able to track steps but don't expect much more, like GPS, as it's going on shelves for a modest $99 which is about £65.

Parrot Zik Sport

Parrot have once again teamed up with designer Philippe Starck on the new Zik Sport, a pair of headphones that integrate specific sport functions, rather than just giving you great audio. The unique design offers stability on your head, and they're sweatproof too.

The Zik Sport feature a Street Mode that will capture sounds around you, so although listening to music, you can be aware of your surroundings. They also have a built-in biometric ear sensor to monitor your heart rate, can measure your cadence and ground contact time and have a dedicated app. No word on pricing or availability just yet.


This Indiegogo watch is a one of a kind training assistant. Well, less of an assistant and more of a drill sergeant that can shock you with 340 volts of electricity.

Pavlok is a wrist worn device that can be set to shock the wearer when their pre-set fitness goals are not met, so no slacking off then. On top of the brute force shock approach Pavlok is backed by a community to name and shame you publically should you slip behind on your target progress. Pavlok can be pre-ordered now from $249 which is about £165 to ship in February, or if you can wait until May it'll be just $199, or £132.

Polar A300

Polar is a well-known sports watch brand but its latest device joins the activity tracking pack, monitoring your daily steps using its built-in pedometer.


Much cheaper than one of the company's GPS-enabled watches, the Polar A300 starts at $140 and it's weatherproof, delivers training guidance and it will work with a heart rate monitor if you are looking for more data. You'll also be able to swap the straps if you fancy a different colour.

Radiate shirt

Radiate is a simple yet smart design ideal for those working out in a gym. The shirt is able to react to heat, a bit like those t-shirts that were a craze in the 90s. Except the point of this top is to show you which muscles are working hardest when training.

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Radiate 2.0 is available for men and women and starts at the $50 which is about £33.

Ralph Lauren biometric shirt

Luxury clothing brand Ralph Lauren has been developing smart shirts with sensor specialist OM Signal. The result will be a shirt, released in 2015, that can monitor the wearer's heart rate thanks to bio-sensing silver wiring.

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The shirt will not only measure heart rate and breathing rate but will actively offer feedback on your training via your phone or tablet. If you're not pushing hard enough to stay in your desired heart rate zone it will tell you, audibly, to push more.

The claimed sensors track calories burned, intensity of workout, heart rate, stress rate and more, says Ralph Lauren. The brain of the shirt sits on the side by the rib cage out of the way.

SmartMat Yoga Mat

SmartMat is a portable yoga mat that will help you track, improve and perfect yoga practice by learning your position and suggesting ways to improve. The idea is to help you in achieving a "Perfect Pose" and it will guide you through your smartphone or tablet.


There is an In-Class Assist and In-Home Private mode, which means you'll be able to do yoga in the comfort of your own living room rather than have to attend a class or hire an instructor. The SmartMat essentially turns your smart device into the yoga teacher, but it offers a more personal approach by letting you know when you need to improve a position and it will also score you at the end of your session. Available on pre-order for $247.

Sony Smart B-Trainer

The Sony Smart B-Trainer headphones were unveiled as a prototype at CES 2015, offering those that workout more than just music in their ears. They may look similar to other Bluetooth headphones, but the Smart B-Trainer will allow users to listen to specific workouts, provide you with voice commands and measure your heart rate while you train.


You'll also be able to store music locally on the headphones, which will mean you won't need to bring your smartphone out with you when you go running, and what's even more exciting is the Smart B-Trainer will adjust the music accordingly to your heart rate, helping you reach your threshold or calm things down. The only catch is that they have no price or release date as yet. 

Victoria's Secret Heart Rate Bra

Women's underwear specialist Victoria's Secret is one of the first big names to embrace smart clothing with a bra that detects heart rate.

Victoria's Secret

Essentially the bra features a strap with a clip on heart rate monitor like that shipped with a running watch. The material is smart enough to regulate temperature of the wearer keeping them cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Not bad for $78 which is about £48.

Writing by Chris Hall and Luke Edwards.