(Pocket-lint) - The smartwatch revolution is here and age-old watchmakers are fighting to keep up. One new option from Montblanc is its e-Strap that offers a smart screen to put notifications on your wrist while keeping a classic analogue watch.

The Montblanc e-Strap screen sits on the underside of the wrist where the clasp would normally be. This effectively offers a second face for even more information right there on your wrist. But it means you can continue wearing an attractive watch without the need to make the jump to pure digital smartwatch and the inevitable charging that goes with it.

The e-Strap is made from leather with a carbon fibre texture and features a 0/9-inch 128x36 resolution OLED touchscreen in a unit made from diamond like carbon coated steel. This will come in a selection of sizes and colours and is both splash and shock resistant.

The e-Strap will track the wearer's daily activity and offers a screen and vibration for phone notifications via Bluetooth 4.0 like calls, messages, calendars, social media, reminders as well as using it to control the phone's music player or camera.

Montblanc claims the e-Strap will last for five days before needing a charge which can be done via the same micro-USB that charges most Android phones.

The Montblanc e-Strap, that works with both Android and iPhone, is sold alone for €250 which is about £195. Or it can be bought as part of the TimeWalker Urban Speed Chronograph watche range that starts at €2,990 which is about £2330.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.